Spearfishing Ascension's Monster Tunas

Spearfishing Ascension's Monster Tunas



Join Mat Wood & Cameron Kirkconnell as they explore the volatile waters off the coast of Ascension Island and spearfish monster yellowfin tunas.

The Ascension Islands are a small chain of islands located in the middle of the South Atlantic Ocean directly in between Africa and South America. These islands are home to some of the most stellar species of marine life. Extreme watermen seek out this remote location to challenge their personal limits and swim with sea beasts of legend.

This epic spearfishing trip showcases the awesome bounty of the Briny Deep and its incredible inhabitants. Without the locals’ kindness and knowledge, this ambitious adventure wouldn’t have been possible. We pay homage to the strength & beauty of Ascensions marine life, in which we are deeply indebted for their nourishment. 

This intense journey for Mat and Cameron was not only thrilling, but also enlightening, as they experienced Ascension’s isolated volcanic peaks and dove among its aquatic biodiversity. After a adrenalin pounding day which yielded a 245lbs yellowfin, Mat, Cameron and the team headed back to the dock to kick it with the locals and prepare their much earned feast with the natives.

The fish caught that day were filleted and donated to the locals on the island.




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