Snapper Sanctuary, The Hunt Continues



 A nightly downpour subsides, gifting us the breaking dawn with its smooth crisp scent of rain’s after party. On the rugged Nicaraguan Emerald Coast we begin our hunt, couple of the boys, dialed spearguns, suited and ready for destruction, we forge out. Knowing the locals is always a plus on these epic spearfishing quests, as we convince them to take us out to our moored craft in Gigante Bay, in the region of Tola Nicaragua. 

Waiting for the sets of the waves, we subdue the last roller by all pushing off in their tiny panga boat through the tides. The hunt begins as they shuttle us to the twin 300s pursuit that will muscle us to our uncharted destination.

One of the local pirates, I mean Cpt. Robbie… has eluded to some underwater cave he marked in less than 40ft of water, he says it is holding 40lbs snapper. But we all know sometimes pirates lie, so remain skeptical, the day awesomely clear, the visibility crystal, our intrigue is too compelling to ignore; we set out for this treasure cave folklore.

Jagged cliffs scar this topical Nicaraguan paradise, as we surge towards this tall tale of snapper sanctuary.

Our sprits high on this stellar morn’ all speros pumped, for no matter what, just getting Briny wet will be euphoric; nothing like the serge of chilled saltwater in the morning to zap the brain.

 We arrive at the pirate’s botched coordinates; the swell is beating this rocky ledge, which juts out of the ocean like an Olympians javelin. Suited, armed, and seafoam surrounding, we plummet to the depths of this rocky outcrop.

The mouth of this cave inconclusive, the ledge is hard to time underwater with the pounding swell, however snapper in site we do see.

Although not 40lbs golden boys, sizable and plenteous they are, as we snipe them into oblivion. Dinner is served with our golden horde smothered in glorious butter and garlic. Life is good the Briny way. We pay homage to our friend and foe the Briny Deep.

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