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Scenic Illustration

This Illustrative Painting Style features a custom realistic digital painting of your boat and or a game fish scene in dynamic action. Action packed elements are often part of the composition, like water shooting off the hull, a game fish jumping out, or torpedoing under the water. Each illustration is custom-created for you based on your art consultation after your order.  

Boat Line Artwork Style

This Custom Boat Line Art Style features detailed line art of your boat and custom lettering. There is a true art to aesthetic boat line art, the artists careful selection of line-weight, thickness and amount of detail, play a big part in the professionally aesthetic outcome. Many people believe it is just a “tracing”, well that is how amateurs do it. True boat line art, accentuates the features of your boat in its most simplistic beauty. It takes an artist with a keen eye to achieve harmonized aesthetic line art.  

"I cannot say enough about Simon and his great company. The job he did was incredible. The way I was handled start to finish was as perfect an experience as one could want. The quality of his product and art work are at the top of the list. To anyone looking to have this type of sportswear done. Look no further Briny and Simon Cox are where you need to be". -Raymond Cappella

"I contacted Briny Company via email to discuss a design concept I had for graphics for my boat. Briny worked very close with me and helped bring my concept to fruition. We are very pleased with the end result, as well as the Customer Support provided. I would highly recommend Briny Company." -Aaron Largent".

"Excellent quality and customer service!!! Briny was great to work with-turnaround time was fast, aid with graphics was excellent and everything I ordered has been getting rave reviews from those wearing the shirts and hats. I will definitely be ordering again from Briny!!!" -Joannie Rich

Graphic Illustration Style

This Graphic Illustration Style features an illustrative object composed with a graphic object like lettering graphic design or one of our licensed game fish paintings. The boats in this style are highly detailed paintings of your exact boat. This style bridges the gap between illustration and graphic arts by combining the two into a highly polished custom look.

Name Logo Style

This custom boat name lettering style features custom unique boat lettering and special effects harmonized with a strong concept and style around your boat name. You can have just custom lettering we create from scratch or add an iconic element, like a fish or logo icon we will concept and develop. artists carefully craft this boat name lettering to make your boat standout from the cookie-cutter crowd!

Figurative Illustration

Figurative illustration is the hardest skill for an artist to master, as it takes many years of anatomical study for an artist to become a pro at drafting the human form. Several artists in our in-house staff have mastered figurative painting and can bring to life a figurative illustration with great skill. It is time-consuming to create figurative illustrations and they are priced accordingly, but for those who wish to have pro-level figurative illustration done, and not strange proportions commonly found among amateurs, you have come to the right place.

Company Logo

Every designer calls themselves a brand designer, but it is important to note, that true brand design is a very specialized design field, that should be done by a team of expert brand designers. Your brand is your voice to the market, it must be created with perfection. Aesthetics are important, but a functional brand is equally as crucial. A brand identity needs to be versatile and able to be clearly reproduced on multifarious substrates and media.
A highly experienced understanding of what makes a strong brand and the ability to derive the essence of a company's spirit and translate it into a visual language is something. We work very closely with the owners and partners to study your company, vision, and industry along with a competitive analysis to develop each brand package. This is not just a logo, but a comprehensive package with Pantone™ and usage specifications and identity elements that make the brand unique. Have a proven brand creative process and carefully critique each element to craft an exceptional brand identity. If you want true pros to help you develop your company's brand, this is it. *We do not develop brands for the apparel companies, if you purchase this service and are an apparel company, you will be refunded.


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Explore Stage: Your order or quote submission gives us the preliminary info we need in order to understand your unique vision and needs. After you place your order we may call or email you to explore the details with you in order to get a game plan for your custom boat graphic design project. We may also offer artistic suggestions at this stage.


Define Stage: Once we have everything we need to begin designing your custom commissioned artwork by defining an initial composition. This gives you a visual as to what the concept of the artwork is and a general placement of each element of each element. We keep you in the loop throughout


Design Stage: after the approval of the first composition, we go into the artist creation of the actual artwork. For graphics we define the graphic lines and for illustrative artwork we go through a detailed sketching then digital painting process based off the approved composition from the previous stage.


Refine: Working closely with you, we refine the details of the custom boat graphic. We tweak if needed after your feedback and deliver a final pixel perfect artwork proof.


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