Custom Boat Line Artwork Style

Custom Boat Line Artwork Style


How it works

Once you confirm your custom boat graphics project details on the next step and place your order, a member of our art department will carefully go over all the details of your order. They may contact you through email to ask a few additional questions. You can also call us, so we can discuss your project ideas in detail before we start on your project.

What is included in this style 

What this Boat Name Lettering Style Includes

  • One on one artist consultation and availability through email or phone to discuss your artwork with you throughout the length of your project  
  • One final custom designed boat line art
  • Custom boat name lettering with special effects and details to make it pop
  • Custom lettering pantone color palette specification in color bridge (For accurate color reproduction.
  • Artwork submitted to you for your approval which includes one free round of revisions.

*Additional elements, like a game fish may be added a la carte on the next step.


What this custom boat graphics service does not include:

    • Decal production printing. After your graphic is created and approved by you. We can use the final size of the artwork to determine how man square feet of marine 3M vinyl is needed to print your custom boat name decal. Once we determine this we can quote you for the printing of your premium boat name decal and shipping.
    • Does not include any custom gear e.g. apparel accessories, merchandise.
    • Additional graphics or multiple graphics objects other than what is listed for this style. If you would like a more elaborate illustration please select from one of the other styles.

      *Additional revisions billed at the hourly rate of $65. Additional objects like additional fish etc can be commissioned at hourly rate. By purchasing this custom boat graphics art service the client agrees to terms and conditions of

What can I print my graphic on?

We have a variety of premium products your graphic can be reproduced on. From industry leading 3M™ marine vinyl boat decals, to our award winning SeaGuard™ Premium Performance Fishing Gear.


Take it to the next level with BRINY® industry leading 3M IJ1080 vinyl custom boat decals.

Award winning BRINY® SeaGuard™ Premium Performance Custom Fishing Shirts in long sleeve, short sleeve and hooded UPF +50. We have flexible ordering between mens, womens and youth!

BRINY® HeadGills custom embroidered boat hats.

Our SeaGuard Lightweight Neck Gaiters with all over dye sublimation.

We have a great variety of custom boating products, just ask for our custom catalog.


Creative process

Briny Custom creative process


Explore Stage: Our custom boat graphic form on the next step gives our design department the preliminary info we need in order to understand your unique vision and needs. After you place your order we may call or email you to explore the details with you in order to get a game plan for your custom boat graphic design project. We may also offer artistic suggestions at this stage.


Define Stage: Once we have everything we need to begin designing your boat name logo by defining an initial composition. This gives you a visual as to what the concept of the artwork is and a general placement of each element of each element. We submit this to you for feedback.


Design Stage: after the approval of the first composition, we go into the artist creation of the actual artwork. For graphics we define the graphic lines and for illustrative artwork we go through a detailed sketching then digital painting process based off the approved composition from the previous stage.


Refine: Working closely with you, we refine the details of the custom boat graphic. We tweak if needed after your feedback and deliver a final pixel perfect artwork proof.


*Custom fishing shirts and apparel are not included in custom artwork packages. All custom artwork orders must be combinded with BRINY custom gear or products, we do not create stand alone custom artwork services, or artwork for usage with other clothing brands

This Custom Boat Line Art Style features detailed line art of your boat and custom lettering. There is a true art to aesthetic boat line art, the artists careful selection of line-weight, thickness and amount of detail, play a big part in the professionally aesthetic outcome. Many people believe it is just a “tracing”, well that is how amateurs do it. True boat line art, accentuates the features of your boat in its most simplistic beauty. It takes an artist with a keen eye to achieve harmonized aesthetic line art.  

We create fully custom artwork
Our expert inhouse art department can bring anything to life!

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