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Answers to our most common questions

Do you have a minimum quantity for orders?

Yes, we have a minimum quantity for orders, as there is too much waste in production assets if we make fewer items.

Please see the below chart for the minimums per product

Product Minimum QTY

Performance Fishing Shirts - Spot Location Print


Performance Fishing Shirts - All Over Print




Neck Gaiters


Cotton T-Shirts


Warmth Hoodies


You can select different styles, colors and sizes of shirts within a single order to meet the minimums for a performance fishing shirt order, please check the details in the price chart section of the product catalog for detailed information about each type of product.


What is your production lead time?

Our production lead times vary depending on the season and order load we have at the production floor.

To meticulously craft premium performance shirts of retail quality, it takes a standard production lead time of 3.5 to 4.5 weeks to ship your spot sublimation items, and 6-8 weeks for all over print items. This time ensures we can craft a high quality performance item for you. The time frame starts from the date of your final approval, once the order is paid and all graphics and items are presented to you in a proof format for your review and approval.

If you have a particular date you need your custom gear delivered by, just send us a message or include this in your submission and we can check if we can make it happen within a regular or rushed lead time.

*Artwork and graphic design lead times are not a part of these time frames since they are created in a stage before production.

What is Spot Sublimation and All Over Sublimation?

Sublimation is a type of print method that we use to put your graphics on custom performance shirts, this blends the ink with the shirt and produces a seamless graphic without compromising breathability and quality.

We produce your custom gear in 2 different sublimation types:

Spot Sublimation means you can pick an item that has a base garment color and add your graphics on specific locations, such as: front chest, back, left sleeve and right sleeve.

With this option your graphics slightly blend with the fabric color, we can’t print white ink and there is a maximum area that can be printed in each location, but don’t worry! This area is pretty large to fit your graphics.

This is our most popular option for creating custom performance gear.

All Over Sublimation means we create your products from scratch, we can develop designs that cover the entire garment and white graphics are possible. These items are hand made, cut and sewn per the specifications in your order.

All Over Sublimation items are also referred to as All Over Sub, All Over Print, or C&S (cut and sewn)

What does it mean to have Print Ready Graphics?

To produce high quality custom fishing shirts we need to have graphics with high definition in order to produce good looking results. If you submit an image in a flat format like jpg or png, the images need to have enough pixels to cover the shirt area in a size that will make them look good.

Below is a simple chart for *minimum recommended sizes. Please note the graphic size requirement will vary depending on how large you want the graphic on your custom shirts. When in doubt, you can always submit your graphics and we can advise on the quality for printing purposes.

Area Minimum Size

Chest - Pocket Area

800 pixels in width

Chest - Full frontal area

2000 pixels in width

Full Back

2500 pixels in width


2000 pixels in width

If you submit vector graphics in files such as .ai, .psd, .pdf, .eps, .svg then this is usually not an issue as vector files can be resized freely without losing quality.


What is the material used on your custom fishing shirts?

Our premium performance fishing shirts are made of 100% micro tech polyester, with a fabric that ensures UV solar protection with a UPF 50+ rate, the fabric is breathable, lightweight, anti odor, anti stain and moisture wicking. We use high definition digital sublimation printing in order to print the best quality graphics where ink blends into the fabric so your image never cracks or fades due to sun exposure.

We also offer cotton t-shirts and other garments like warmth hoodies, neck gaiters, leggings and other types of products that come in different materials, feel free to send us a message if you have any particular question about the material of a product.

Where are you located?

We have different operations running all across the United States, but our company is proudly founded in Florida, where our headquarters are located.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we ship internationally via USPS.

Can I get a sample before I place my order?

We sell our blank premium performance shirt samples at $26.50 per SeaGuard™ long sleeve shirt, and $28.50 per BARRICADE™ hooded long sleeve shirt. Since our spot dye sublimation processes are a dust-free environment, these premium performance samples cannot be returned.

These are tagged and serve as a superb everyday usage performance UPF +50 shirt.

Are your shirts dry-fit?

Dry-fit is a trademark term that is now widely used to refer to any shirt with moisture wicking properties, although our custom fishing shirts are not dry-fit, our garments are performance oriented and offer moisture wicking, breathability and the lightweight aspect that you are looking for.

Can you create designs and shirts for my new fishing apparel brand?

We develop custom graphics and shirts for companies in the fishing industry whose core business is not apparel, we have produced shirts for lure brands, tackle shops, fishing charters, expedition services, marine laboratories, hotels, travel agencies, among many others.

Our custom department is designed to service the fishing and boating enthusiasts community and their companies, by providing the highest quality custom products in the industry. We do not create custom art or custom products for other fishing apparel brands as this would entail conflict of interests between these brands and ours.

Do you work with companies outside of the fishing industry?

Absolutely! We work every day with customers outside of the fishing industry, since our products are performance oriented, you can benefit from all the features that make our custom fishing shirts great, such as UV protection, moisture wicking, lightweight and breathability just to name a few.

I want to sell my custom shirts

Our custom program offers quantity based discounts for different amounts. If you are interested in making an order with us that you plan on reselling, just describe your project and the amount of shirts that you need in your project submission and we can evaluate your resale needs with attention to detail.

Do you offer drop shipping services?

We do not offer drop shipping services in our custom program at the moment.

Do you install decals?

We do not offer decal instalation services right now. We advice that you find a local provider that has expertise in this area.

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