Custom shirts with company logo in the workplace

Custom shirts with company logo in the workplace

Benefits of performance shirts on health


Performance shirts have numerous benefits on the overall wellbeing of your team. These benefits are many; from UV Protection which plays a key role in outdoor activities such as construction, to protecting you] from the harmful UV rays in addition to providing a more comfortable all day feel with cooling properties and moisture wicking technology. The correct UPF apparel can improve on your team’s health and keep them going strong for longer.

Performance shirts are of course advised for jobs where performance and presentation is key to the success of your business, such as warehousing, delivery, sales, construction crew and the marine industry. These apparel pieces will enable your team to perform better, feeling good and fresh throughout the day.


Features to look for in a performance shirt for your team

  • UV Protection is key to keep your team healthy and covered from the sun’s harmful UV Rays
  • Athletic Stitching is important so that your team can move freely and supported
  • Cooling System will keep your personnel fresh in warm weathers
  • Moisture wicking technology will get rid of sweat and keep the garment light
  • Quality printing as direct to garment and sublimation techniques ensure that your company logo and graphics look the best and don’t fade off of your custom shirts.




A premium custom performance shirt with your company logo will help your team to look great when they perform their jobs, a crew of builders united under a single banner, a fresh delivery team that represents your company, and a sharp sales team that carries your brand, it all starts with the presentation your company gives to your customers and collaborators; think about the most respected teams in the world, from military to medical and even your favourite sport team, a uniform communicates that the common goal is great and only possible with synergy and collaboration from each team member, and once they put on the shirt with your company logo, your team know is time for business; A premium custom shirt with your company logo is the perfect starting point to turn your employees into a united and professional team.


Key Gains of a custom company shirt with your logo:

  • Wearing a shirt with your company logo makes easier for your customers to differentiate your staff and seek for support quicker and easier
  • A shirt with your company logo is a walking piece of advertisement for your business
  • Custom company shirts can elevate your brand and make it look more professional and sharp than ever before
  • Custom company shirts that are designed with your team and its requirements in mind, are more easily accepted, liked, and dressed by your personnel

The sense of professionalism doesn’t stop with how you look to the customers but also how the company feels within. A whole team that relates to each other under a look, helps to improve loyalty, cooperation and teamwork because it creates a sense of unity that helps to boost morale and conveys your company’s values on a better medium.


Where to start?


We at are committed to offer the best looking custom shirts with your company logo you can get, we know the importance of a premium shirt that will add value to your brand. We work with our SeaGuard™ premium UPF garments that offer top shelf features such as: athletic stitching, UV protection UPF 50, cooling factor, moisture wicking system, stain resistant and are printed via sublimation. This means that your graphic is blended with the garment, so it will not peel or fade with time. We have served companies like construction, resorts, restaurants, insurance, research, police, fishing charters, swimming teams, and many more.

Visit our custom shirt page to learn more about what we can do for your custom shirt needs



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