10 Best features of a premium fishing shirt

10 Best features of a premium fishing shirt


There are quite a few fishing shirts available in the market, but they’re not all cut from the same cloth, quite literally, so while they may look awesome in a picture, but you need to be aware of all the features they actually have, or in some cases, the features they lack. We’ve compiled a list of the 10 features that a real premium fishing shirt should contain.

1. U.V. Protection

Crucially important is U.V. protection with UPF+50 is a must for fishing shirts, as we spend all those long hours under the unforgiving sun, this rating ensures that the garment will block an average of 98% of the sun rays when worn, 46 times more than the UPF rating of a regular cotton shirt.


2. Moisture Wicking

Performance is all about quick reactions, as such you want to be ready for action after getting wet. Look for a fishing shirt with moisture-wicking features that will keep you dry as it removes moisture away from your body.


3. Stain Repellent

Handling tools and bloody fish on a regular basis can decrease the lifespan of any regular shirt, make sure your fishing shirt has stain repellent features that will keep you looking good for much longer.


4. Antimicrobial

Premium fishing shirts come with Antimicrobial features, as you need to look out for invisible foes; fungus and smell can slowly grow on any regular shirt when used for any athletic activity, make sure your fishing shirt has this feature so you don’t have to worry about a smelly shirt weeks after you buy it.


5. Cooling System

Along with shielding yourself with U.V. protective garment, you also have to look out for the heat of the sea, premium fishing shirts have cooling system features that ensure that you keep your cool and can perform your best.


6. Athletic Stitching

Having protective garments is part of what makes a great fishing shirt, but you have to make sure that the stitching that binds the structure together can stand all your movements, look for athletic stitching features to be certain that your shirt will follow your pace.


7. Lightweight

Move like a butterfly and sting like a bee, the same applies to the performance fishing garments we use, and getting your prey out of the water, premium garments are not only full of performance features but are also lightweight and ensure you can move freely.


8. Performance Fabric

High tech polyester of Poly-Tech fabric is the standard for premium fishing shirts, it has a better rate of stretch, durability and dry factor to keep you comfortable.


9. Comfort Fit

The right fit, premium fishing shirts are made with high standards of measurements for athletic activities, baggy clothes can make your movement sloppy and get caught up on stuff, so they can be even dangerous, and if the shirt is too tight you’ll feel trap, make sure the shirt is listed as comfort fit with a degree of stretch and look for sizing charts to make sure you pick the right one for you. Key features to look for: True to size in shoulder, trimmer fit, reduced underarm sleeve height, length below the hip, tapered wrists to prevent sleeves from falling down


10. Print to garment

Last but not least, you want to look good for the longest lasting garments, so graphics on your fishing shirts should only be dye sublimated, as dye sublimation does not cracks or fades at all! Also look for fishing shirts with direct to garment sublimation to ensure that the graphics and color won’t fade from exposure to salt water, sun and heat.


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