Epic Octo

$ 29.95

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BRINY Epic OCTO six panel flatbill snapback with custom octo print top and under the bill. Sailors carved on whale teeth the epic battles they had with the legendary sea beasts. The Epic Octo hat is inspired from an epic battle our Founder had with a giant pacific octopus. While spearfishing he descended to approx. 45ft, and saw this beast creeping across the coral, with an appetite for fresh octopus he took aim and shot it, but the Octopus had different plans for his day. It took Simon 4 dives to pry him out of his briny layer and put him on the dinner plate.

Same fit as the Classic Yupoong hat and sits high-profile on the brow. The hat is studded with Ocean treasure with many awesome customizations making it a truly unique oceanic hat.