To be Briny is to be born of sea,  mind, body and soul. There is no other recourse for those of us who repel the norm to pursue a life soaked by the ocean’s offerings.

We crave the briny taste of the ocean mist as it whips our face, stains our brow and creases our flesh. We look to the sea to quench our thirst for adventure and self discovery. This is what it means to be born of sea and harbor a truly radical Briny spirit. Briny is a philosophy for those who are drawn to the ocean to explore their own challenges, adventures and self discoveries.

The Briny team is packed with creative energy drawn from our mutual passion for the marine environment. At the helm of creativity is our founder Simon Cox, who with our team of designers is in constant pursuit of inspiration derived from the ocean and it's inhabitants. Our first mate Mike Gasior navigates Briny Co. into new waters and the logistics involved in producing a quality product.  

The origins of
the brand name:
I was in search of a word that had a deep connection to the ocean environment. I felt no other word in the English language was better suited than “BRINY” to convey the ocean ideals. As a Noun Briny is an old English informal word for "The Sea" it's first recorded was back in 1825. As an adjective Briny means of the salty water of the Ocean; human blood contains salt and is naturally Briny!

brin·y  Pronounced brīnē/ 
1. The Ocean or the sea
As an adjective
2. Of, relating to, or resembling
brine or the sea :   salty

The brand icon: 
The iconic “B” of Briny is a symbol not just a logo, deeply rooted in the free spirited ocean vibe we crave. After an epic spearfishing trip, our founder Simon Cox started sketching a symbol that stood for our brands philosophy & Vision.

" I had a vision while submerged on a 60ft freedive in pursuit of a Cubera Snapper, once back in the studio I sketched the first draft of the iconic Briny "B". I stood back and felt it embodied the ideal combination of organic and symbolic form as it embodied an animated sense of marine life."

Every aspect of the brand is fueled from inspiration derived from the ocean and it’s addictive environment. 

To be briny is a way of life. When the swell pumping, when the sea has abated you spear, when brought to your brink by a behemoth, we owe homage to this force and pay our respects.  

We greatly appreciate your support to the Briny cause. We welcome your views and look forward to hearing your Briny deep tales and opinions.

Sending you good Vibes

-Simon CoxFounder & Creative Director

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