Bahama Rash Guard | Limited Edition

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Bahama Rash Guard 
Cloak Camo™ 

Introducing a new species of camouflage, the Briny Cloak Camo™ rash guard long sleeve . Each subsurface fishing rash guard features an ultra comfortable micro neo-flex fabric with cooling and protective properties. The unique Cloak Camo™ engineering is inspired from years of studying how marine species blend into the environment through atmospheric perspective. Pair the Cloak Camo™ long sleeve rash guard with the matching Cloak Camo™ dive pants for a versatile two-piece , surf rash guard, spearfishing rash guard or dive rash guard suit. 

Because of its light neutral CloakCamo™ coloration, The Bahama long sleeve rash guard is ideally suited for inshore spearing, freediving near underwater growth or on reefs. It also is ultra comfortable for surfing. 

Neo-Flex 4 Way Stretch Micro Fabric
UPF + 50 UV Protection
Moisture Wicking 
Cooling Properties 
Cloak Camo™ Camouflage 
Anti-Stain Properties
Plus sized rash guard available 
Long sleeve rash guard


*For scuba or heavy dive equipment worn on the back, users should wear a neoprene vest/padding so as to not damage the lightweight tropical rashguard system.