Please read all these Terms and Conditions carefully before using or any of our custom boat graphics, custom fishing shirt and/or custom accessory programs. By submitting any information or requesting custom product orders from you are agreeing to these terms.

Your use of our site and our custom programs is conditioned on your acceptance and compliance with these Terms and Conditions. These terms apply to all user and anyone who visits, uses or purchases from Briny Co. By accessing or using any of our services and you agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions. If you disagree with any portion of these Terms and Conditions you choose to not use our services or site.

We reserve the sole right at our discretion to change or modify these Terms and Conditions in whatever way we see fit. Some of the changes may include but are not limited to, color chart, size charts, materials used, proofs and revisions, pricing, shipping rates, workflow and status notifications and updates. We may change these terms so it is advised you read them very time your place an order.

If you purchase a product or service from Briny Co or you will be asked to supply some personal billing and shipping information in order to complete your purchase or use our services.

Custom fishing shirt orders only move into the sublimated fishing shirt production timeline estimate after we receive the final print proof approval from you. The estimated production completion date we provide depends on the number of projects in production at the time your final print proof approval is received.

General production timeline:

  • Standard production time estimates for spot sublimation printed shirts is 2-3 weeks from the date we receive the final print proof approval.
  • Standard production time for All over dye sublimation cut and sew is six to seven weeks from the date we receive the final print proof approval.

Artwork and proofing time estimates are often mistaken for production timeline, they are two separate timelines. Production timelines only start after the artwork is complete.

General custom artwork time estimates:

  • Single non-illustrative logo graphic: 10 business days
  • Single graphic line artwork: 10-14 business days
  • Single All over pattern design 10-14 days
  • Illustrative artwork: 3-4 weeks
  • Retracing logo art on average 1-2 hours


*Time estimates are subject to change and are only used as a basic estimated guide based on the average time a project takes to produce.


We our proud of our custom fishing shirt service and strive to serve you to the best of our ability. In some cases cancellations or refunds are needed and are assessed on a per case basis.

Since this service is for customized apparel that is unique to each project, there are Terms and Conditions that apply to the purchase of customized products that are not the same as a typical retail purchase. As such, our returns and cancellation policy is contingent on but is not limited to the following Terms and Conditions:

- Cancellations requested after you purchase and pay for an order and before you have received your first proof for an order from us through email will have a 15% cancellation fee applied to the refund.

- Cancellations requested after you receive your first artwork proof from us will have a 60% cancellation fee applied.

- Cancellations requested after you receive the second artwork proof, or have approved final print specifications are not refundable. Please note, your project goes straight into production after final approval, so cannot be changed in any way after final approval stage.

- All custom orders must be paid in full prior to going into garment print production. If custom art is part of a custom order, the custom artwork must be paid in full prior to being used on any product. Print specifications will only be performed on a fully paid custom order.

- If your custom fishing shirt is received significantly damaged, defective or has an error we will require photos and may even request for the product to be shipped back to us in order to assess the discrepancy in-house prior to making a decision on the return. If a refund is approved the refunded amount will not exceed the amount you paid per custom performance shirt. We reserve the right to decline a refund. Any worn items are automatically not eligible for a return. It is not possible to return, exchange or order additional custom orders smaller than our minimum order limit because you ordered the incorrect size for your custom performance fishing shirts. please carefully read use the measurements when ordering your sizes. SEE OUR SIZE CHARTS HERE

- Shipping rates are not refundable for custom products.

- We will not accept returns or exchanged for any size related issues, it is your responsibility to thoroughly review our size charts prior to ordering

- Returns must be requested within 3 days of shipment delivery.

-Cancellation/Refund policy does not follow that of standard retail.

- Artwork services of any kind are not refundable.

- Our extensive and detailed artwork proofing process is designed to get your approval for the final artwork prior to the sublimated printing and production of your custom performance fishing shirt. As such, if incorrect elements, names, numbers or logos or elements that appear in the final boat shirt or fishing shirt that also appears in the final print proof you approved, we are not liable in anyway. In such cases contact our customer support and we will work with you to see reordering options

By using this website or by purchasing any products or services from Briny Co. you are agreeing to these terms.


Our custom boat graphics and boat shirt department goes through an in depth creative process that insures your custom products are produced with a high standard and that you are kept informed throughout the design and development. As such, artwork proofing and final approval for your sublimated fishing shirts artwork is mandatory for ALL custom products. If you have existing artwork, in most cases proofs will be sent within 5 working days (This is our standard but some conditions cause for this timeline to be extended). If you need any amount of design work for your boat shirt or custom fishing shirt to be performed by our team, which includes any edits to your existing artwork we will give you an estimate quote and timeline for the purchase of such services. During the artwork creation there will be several proofing stages, change requests must be made in writing via email. After final print proof approval of artwork, no changes can be made as your product will move directly into printing after approval. Briny Co. is not responsible for any errors in your final custom performance fishing shirts that were evident in the final approved print proof this includes but is not limited to spelling & grammar.

Time estimates are subject to change, additional proofs, revisions and added requests during the artwork creation stage can increase the time frame estimate significantly. Additional revisions are billed at a rate of $65 per hour.

All time estimates are subject to change and are based off of the current volume of orders at the time of the estimate. Artwork does not move into the production phase until we get final print proof approval. As such, the average production timeline does not start until 24 hours after we receive written confirmation of the final print proof approval.

By using this website or by purchasing any products or services from Briny Co. you are agreeing to these terms.

You are responsible to obtain permission for any artwork, fish graphic or boat logo you supply, or that is requested for use by you. Briny Co. is not liable for any direct or indirect damages caused by unauthorized use of artwork or graphics for which you do not have the rights to use. By agreeing to these terms at checkout, you testify you have full rights to use the artwork you supply for the purpose you are using it for. By using our service, you pledge you have the rights to use all logos you request for your custom printed uv boat shirts or any verbiage on your custom fishing shirts and any other element or characteristic requested or supplied by you.


To achieve a professional print of a custom fishing shirt, it is strongly suggested that the logo and graphic artwork or fish graphic is supplied in a vector format. If you approve the printing of non-vector artwork, you understand we are not liable for odd shifts in the color and appearance of the sublimated fishing shirts. If you would like to have your logo or graphic vectorized you can request our custom design service to recreate your artwork in vector for an hourly fee of $35 dollars an hour. Average logo takes 1-2 hours to recreate correctly in vector. Some graphics cannot be turned into vector and must be supplied in a very high resolution file in order to print high quality. We reserve the right to deny printing any graphic that does not meet our minimum requirements.

Artwork varies greatly in complexity depending on the level of detail required by certain types of art. In general, illustrative art (Like fish paintings, realistic water and ocean scenes) take significantly more time to produce than more graphic art types, like a logo, or custom type. In all cases, if you need fully custom art to be created by our team, you will be given an estimate quote and time frame for the completion of such artwork. Please keep in mind, all our fully custom artwork goes through a three step process of creative development that requires your feedback and approval of each step (Sketch, rough draft, final design). This custom fishing shirt graphic process insures the final artwork, fish graphic or boat logo is something you will love.

This creative step by step process relies on your communication, so if you take days to reply, your project will be delayed as our time estimates do not account for the amount of time it takes to get a response or an approval from you. Custom artwork must be paid in full prior to us scheduling our experts time for the creation of such artwork.


Important Note* It is very important you review your custom fishing shirt artwork proofs on an actual computer, colors and graphics can look different on a mobile device and tend to be more accurate on a computer.


Custom Art Image Rights
Custom art orders are subject to the terms and conditions of usage. Custom licensed artwork is property of Briny Co and only for printing on Briny products or personal use. We do not distribute the final artwork files for personal use. In some cases, a commercial license may be granted for usage on clothing other than BRINY® brand clothing products, fees will apply. This standard commercial license is limited to a reproduction quantity of 500 units featuring the artwork and must be documented prior to artwork creation. If additional usages rights are required, they must be requested and documentation drafted for the types of usage you desire prior to custom artwork creation. We do not sell full rights to our illustrations or paintings.


We can create just about anything:

  • Full fish graphics and illustrations
  • Illustrations of water land or sea
  • Boat logos
  • Custom font for your team name or boat
  • Underwater scenes

General custom artwork time estimates:

  • Single logo graphic: 10 business days
  • Single graphic line artwork: 10-14 business days
  • Illustrative artwork: 3-4 weeks

If you have chosen to sign off your artwork / design for printing by way of the approved Digital Proof then you have agreed to the following disclaimer:

I agree to proceed with the production of the attached artwork.

I have read carefully to ensure all the text spelling is correctly.

I have reviewed the layout to ensure all elements such as logos, picture, colors, icons, backgrounds are correct.

I agree to pay in full for my order prior to my order going into print production.

I understand the sizes I give to be produced are final, and I have referenced and understand the size charts. Briny Co. will not reprint garments or smaller batches under 12 units for the wrong size selection as our size charts are accurate to specified measurements in accordance with industry standard tolerances.

I understand by approving to move forward after receiving this final print specification document, no changes or edits can be made to my order and that my entire order will immediately go into production after my approval.

I understand that what is represented visually on my screen may vary in the following ways:

a. The overall size and scale of the digital artwork may vary from what is shown in the screen proof to the final printed garment.

b. The artwork mockup or proof provided is for visual purposes only and is used to give clients a general perspective of the graphic concept and how it looks on the garment. Actual print sizes of graphics may vary and or look larger or smaller on the garment and on different sizes of garments. Due to the limitations and the sensitivity of the various materials, substrates and printer calibrations that differ from what is shown on computerized screens/devices, it is impossible to reproduce all colors accurately. Therefore, unless otherwise specified with Pantone™ values (When applicable) BRINY™ will determine the most accurate color sample, reproduction will be at our discretion.

If a shipment is delivered by a shipping carrier to the address provided by you and is lost or stolen after its tracking number shows a confirmed delivery, BRINY® Co will not be held liable for replacement value. If you wish to have a signature upon delivery and or shipping insurance, you must stipulate this in writing at the time of your order, additional charges will apply. If you request expedited shipping or a rush delivery on or before your order is placed we will assess and mutually agree on reasonable production timeframe on a per case basis, if the requested timeframe is shorter than our standard production lead times. In most cases, we deliver the shirts within the standard lead time estimated, however, these time estimates are not guaranteed, and occasionally delivery dates are delayed or backordered products may arise without notice due to the production processes associated with garment production. I agree BRINY® Co will not be held liable for any loss of anticipated profits, indirect or consequential damages related to servicing and delivering this order.

For orders under a delivery deadline, BRINY uses the information provided by the carriers on their delivery estimates. They are delivery estimates and are not guaranteed. Once the package is in the hands of the shipping carrier we do not have control over delays or unforeseen circumstances with delivery estimated timelines. By requesting a custom package be sent overseas, you agree to hold BRINY Co. harmless and not liable for any delivery delays caused by customs offices or carriers which may differ from our initial estimates. We will not refund or accept returns on custom orders due to delays in delivery associated with customs or carrier delays. By requesting a custom shipment be sent overseas the customer assumes the risk of loss or delay.

I understand that BRINY Co. will NOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE for any errors in spelling, grammar or layout once the customer has approved the document verbally, via email or by any other means. By purchasing any custom products from BRINY Co. you understand and agree to these terms and the terms and conditions of