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Undertow Woody

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Undertow Woody
Made from multiple layers of hand selected Siamea wood, then dexterously carved & etched with the unique BRINY™ undertow pattern on each arm. These glasses feature double hinge design coupled with our NictareLens™ TAC UV lenses technology.

The name derived from the medieval word "Nictare", our sunglass lens technology is named from the Nictitating membrane or third translucent eyelid some animal species have to protect their eyes from the elements.

  • Made from premium featherlight NictareLens TAC UV.
  • Comes with custom bamboo case sublimated cleaning cloth and microfiber bag.
  • Custom handmade frames from premium natural materials
  • Protective coating + the float on water
  • Premium double spring hinges for max comfort
  • Protective anti-scratch lens coating

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