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Craftsmanship & detail is where quality is born

Our custom performance & custom tournament fishing jersey program is crafted to provide our tough sport with an ultra premium custom product with superb graphics. Rather than go for cheap imports like everyone else, our avid outdoor founders wanted something better, that is why each of your custom shirts are made from scratch. This means each shirt is sub dye printed, cut, sewn and packaged right here in the USA for a far superior quality than the norm.



SeaGuard™ Features

Our premium custom product is awesome, but what makes it so good?

Our founder and directors come from years of design experience in the design & custom art industry, this extensive experience is transferred to each and every one of our custom fishing shirts.

This means insights into the best artwork techniques and optimal manufacturing processes with streamlined workflows

Knowing how to capture your vision artistically and translate it into high quality artwork.

We all bleed for the ocean, spending days out in the Briny deep in search of our prey, but being avid spearos and fishermen come with responsibility to our long term health. The American Society of Skin cancer and Doctors even highly recommend UV protective clothing during long exposure to UVA & UVB sun rays.

"They're very tightly woven to prevent the penetration of ultraviolet rays through the fabric," Alison Arthur, MD, a Florida-based dermatologist said when discussing UV clothing. “It's like walking around in the shade all day, without actually needing to be in the shade.”

A white cotton long sleeve shirt has about a UPF of 4, however our U.V SeaGuard performance long sleeve shirts have a UPF of 50+ rating, meaning that only 1/50th, or 2%, of UV rays can penetrate through the fabric to reach the skin, which in other words means it blocks out about 98% of UVA & UVB rays.

This means your custom fishing shirts are cut, stitched, printed and packaged all in the USA.

No cheap imports and outsourcing, instead our custom fishing shirts from start to finshed are manufactured right in the USA.

We support local business with our garment manufacturing production.

Having the manufacturing done in the USA allows us to keep our eyeballs on superb quality!

How We Make Your Custom Fishing Shirt From Start To Finish!

Your custom performance shirt process is fine tuned for a premium professional grade final product. Here's how it works from start to finish.

Through 15 + years of experience we have developed the original E.D.D.R creative process.

Explore: Our custom fishing shirt and custom fishing jerseys form gives our design department the preliminary info we need in order to understand your unique vision and needs. We may call or email you to explore the details with you in order to get a game plan for your project. We may also offer artistic suggestions at this stage.

Define: After the custom fishing shirt quote is approved we define the art with a sketch or rough composition. This gives you a visual as to what the concept of the artwork is and a general placement of each element on the fishing shirt. For example, boat in the center, sailfish to the right etc.

Design: after the approval of the sketch, we go into the actual artist creation of the artwork, for graphics we define the graphic lines and for illustrative artwork we go through a detailed digital painting process based off the approved composition from the previous stage.

Refine: Working closely with you, we refine the details of the artwork and provide a realistic looking mockup of how the artwork looks on our custom performance fishing shirt or custom fishing jersey and get your sign-off to print the shirts.

Custom fishing shirt manufacturing process

Each piece of your custom fishing shirt is expertly layed out in a very specific digital file. The collar, left arm, right arm, back and front of the custom fishing shirt are each printed flat directly onto our premium performance fabric using an advanced dye sublimation process right in the USA.

The way this sublimation process works is it prints a dye directly onto a special release paper. Once the print is on the paper it can then be transferred to the custom performance fabric by heating the solid to a gas to transfer the particles directly to the fabric, then turn them back into a solid without them ever being a liquid.

The process literally fuzes the print and our premium performance material together, creating a durable feature rich product that will never fade or wash away.

Then, each of the 5 pieces of the performance shirt are then cut out perfectly by our skilled tailors and dexterously sewn into your final premium custom fishing shirt. This entire manufacturing and printing process is done right in the USA  

Final Product